The Ultimate Workflow Tool for printers

Online Proofing Tool & Customer Portal

Now you can finally automate your sales and send proofs all in one place. Proof Penguin is the only platform that allows you to send, edit and track proofs while giving your customers their own personal online printing storefront. 



Experience the smoothest workflow for Printers yet. Proof Penguin Proofing Tool offers top-quality features that will increase your productivity and your sales.


Proof Tracking

No more lost proofs. Every proof is tracked through our product inventory tracking system. Know who sent which proof and who approved it. 


Generate Invoices

All Your Needs In One Place. Generate estimates and invoice all within your proof portal. Generate invoice with or without shipping.


Client Storefront

Increase Your Sales. Give your customers their own personal storefront. Easily create templates for clients to make quick orders.


Proof Markup

Effective Communication. Send proofs to customers, receive comments and/or approval, and maintain records of transactions.


Manage Settings

Manage All Users In Your Portal. Network Administrators have the ability to add/delete users, assign rights, author/create/design portals and their appearances


Fully Customizable

Brand Your Portal. Proof Penguin offers you the ability to brand your proof portal and your customer's personal store.  

The Benefits

Printers - Create and Administer Customer Portals and Workflows:

  • Load static products into portal
  • Load dynamic product templates into portal
  • Add dynamic product fields into portal
  • Display proofs (send to customer, receive comments and/or approval, maintain records of transactions)
  • Track product inventory
  • Generate invoice with or without shipping
  • Collect credit card payment for purchases
  • Set and Collect monthly portal fee
  • Create customer portals from template
  • Edit design of template
Proof Penguin Portal Demo 1

Printer’s Customers:

Proof Penguin Portal Demo 2
  • Review, comment, approve Printer generated digital proofs through email reply and/or through online login
  • Order static products from within the portal
  • Order dynamically created products by completing fields for dynamic templates and selecting quantities from within the portal
  • Receive invoices or immediately pay or pay invoice online
  • Request a quote form


Starter Package

$50 per Month
  • 5 Admin Users
  • Proof Tracking
  • Proof Markup
  • Invoice Generator
  • Manager Settings

Professional Package

$200 per Month
  • Everything in Starter
  • 5 Customer Portals
  • Fully Customizable
  • Additional 5 Portals for $20 a month
  • Additional Admin Users

Business Package

Starting at $500 per Month
  • For Larger or More Complex Organizations Contact Us For a Custom Quote.


Here we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Proof Penguin.

Do I get my own website?

When you purchase Proof Penguin we will provide you with a custom dashboard where you can manage your workflow. Contact us about integrating Proof Penguin with your company website.

Can I add more portals?

Yes! We offer packages of 5 portals for an additional $20 a month.

Is the Proof Penguin Mobile Friendly?

Yes, even though we recommend sending proofs and reviewing proofs on a desktop, the Proof Penguin is a fully responsive platform. 

How will I get notified about portal orders?

Each portal will have a receipt and ticket system. When a customer orders a product you will receive the ticket and they will receive a confirmation.

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Since using Proof Penguin our workflow has been more streamlined and I have actually seen an increase in sales since using the client portal! What a great product, I highly recommend!

TNO Bindery LLC

Wholesale Trade Book Bindery and Printer